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Industrial Safety Materials
Different Types of Gloves

1. Fabric Gloves. Gloves made of fabric like cotton are a popular choice for
many industries
2. Disposable Safety Gloves
3. Leather Safety Gloves
4. Impact-Resistant Gloves
5. Mechanic Style Safety Gloves
6. String Knit Safety Gloves
7. Rigger Gloves

Different Types Of Helmets wish Color Codes

These protect our heads from any kind of fatal injury or accident while working in a danger prone area. Various kinds, types of fits, and types of safety and PPE equipment are
available in the market. But choosing the right one is important as it’s for the sake of work and death!
All PPE should be used as a last resort to reduce the risk-taking into consideration that
the risk will not be eliminated. Safety helmets are one of the most frequently used forms
of PPE. Safety helmets will protect the user’s head against:
Industrial plants and sites that have a risk of injury or accidents are required to ensure the proper safety of people. Wherein the role of safety helmets comes in.

  • The impact from objects falling from above, by resisting and deflecting blows to the head.
  • hitting fixed dangerous objects at the workplace,
  • lateral forces – depending on the type of hard hat selected. Traditional hard hats are not designed to protect users from impacts to the front, side, or back of the head.
  • open flame, molten metals splash, electric shock, high temperature – depending on the additional protective properties of the hard hat selected, e.g. a basic, standard safety helmet does not protect against an electric shock.

Color codes mandates for the safety Helmets and their uses

  • Yellow color safety helmets: This color code is for earth-moving operators or heavy-duty workers and laborers who are working on construction sites.
  • Blue color safety helmets : This color is preferred by the electricians or technical workers like carpenters and interim workers.
  • Brown color safety helmets : This is used by welders or people with high heat working areas.
  • Green color safety helmets : This shade is worn by the safety inspectors on-site and some new trainees and officers also prefer green color helmets.
  • White color safety helmets :This is the basic color that catches an eye amongst all the other colors. Hence, these color helmets are used by supervisors, architects, engineers, and managers.
  • Red color safety helmets : This color is used by the firefighters and emergency trainees.
  • Grey color safety helmets : These are issued to site visitors on the worksite.

Types of Safety Helmet

  1. Bump Cap
  2. Safety Helmet – Lightweight
  3. Safety Helmet – Standard
  4. Climbing Helmet, Also Known As Mountaineering Helmet
  5. High-Performance Industrial Safety Helmet
  6. Anti-Static
  7. Motorcycle Helmet

Types Of Safety Boots To Protect You From Workplace Hazards

  • Metatarsal Boots. If you work at a construction site and you have to lift heavy objects, then metatarsal boots are ideal for you.
  • Electric Hazard Boots.
  • Steel Insole Boots.
  • Metal Instep Shoes

Different types of industrial Earplug

There are three main types of earplugs (i.e. pre-molded earplugs, individually molded earplugs, and adaptable earplugs). Pre-molded earplugs are molded to fit the ear canal. They are available in

disposable and re-useable types and come in foam or PVC material

Different types of Dust Masks:

Different types of Rain Coat

Raincoats & Rain suits. Rain Suit. PVC Raincoat. Plastic Raincoat.

Industrial Coverall. Cotton Coverall. Mechanic Overall. Anti Static Coverall. Long Sleeve Coverall.

Safety glasses, Protection glasses – All industrial

Safety glasses and goggles for all types of use. Our eye protection range combines advanced

engineering, modernity, and comfort, with a range

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