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M/s BWU India Private Limited has been founded by people with vast professional experiences of few Engineers in India & NRI. We have advisors who are highly qualified engineers having B.Tech., M.Tech., MBA & Doctorate degree with professional

Industrial experience of 20 to 35 years in various fields. We are able to integrate all the below functions with a group

of professionals having wide experience in the field of Oil and Gas , Refinery, Petrochemicals, Heavy chemicals,

specialty chemicals, fertilizer Plants, etc. to allow us to respond to the needs of industries looking for a new

dimension of the Business.

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Focuses On Faster Growth And Promoting Business With Clients Having Responsiveness And Commitment Is The Driving Force For Excellence.

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We Established Value Added Working Relationships with Our Customers, Suppliers, and Clients

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Mechanical Equipment & Spare Parts From Leading Manufacturer Company Of India, China And Other Countries & We Also Customize The Products As Per Customer Specific Requirements.

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BWU India Private Limited is an innovative Trading, Training, Project, Water Treatment & Water processing company

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